The SIRIUS Group’s mission is to maximize the value of businesses by providing organizational solutions, training solutions and software solutions to help these businesses fully realize their projects and achieve their business objectives.

The SIRIUS Group’s service offer is characterized by a line-up of integrated solutions that contribute directly to the success of your projects. The expertise and synergy demonstrated by the Group’s members give the team a unique strength that helps them connect with and use various drivers to optimize the success of your projects and the achievement of your business objectives.

Founded in 1999 and having made a name for itself in North America for the quality of its services and expertise in project management, SIRIUS Consulting acquired a French company and created SIRIUS France in May 2011.

In 2012, SIRIUS acquired two companies: VGAPP, a company specializing in the development of hosted technology, and Les Logiciels ABAK, a firm that gained global recognition for its project time, billing, cost and budget management application. Together, these companies formed the SIRIUS Group.



  • Montréal (QC)
  • Québec (QC)
  • Calgary (AL)
  • Vancouver (BC)
  • Surrey (BC)
  • Toronto (ON)
  • Moncton (NB)

United States

  • Houston (TX)
  • St-Peters (MO)
  • Miami (FL)
  • Dublin (CA)
  • Columbia (MD)
  • Salt Lake City (UT)


  • Jamaica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Bahamas
  • United Kingdom
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland - Genève
  • France - Paris